G:  Adaptation, willingness to change, art of invisibility.
A:  Would indicate the need to be invisible at this time. May also indicate you have secrets.
If your totem is a Chameleon you have many faces and have the ability to go unnoticed. 
G: Stands for the Generic interpretation
A:  Stands for the Application of the interpretation
G:  Royalty, Power, wisdom
A:  If the Cobra appears this could mean wisdom, power and ability to control, walks with you today.  You could be very venimous.  Take caution as you tread if the Cobra walks with you presently.
G:  Ancient Power / Initiation / Initiate to the Dragon
A:  These Ancient Beings often come as an initiate to your Dragon revealing itself to you.  These Ancient Creatures bring much power and strength and are of the water.  In vision expect the appearance of The Dragon realm very soon if the Croc or the Alligator appear to you.  Watch their behavior closely to learn from these beasts.  They hold secrets of the Universe.
G:  Transformation, purification
A:  The Frog comes in from the South, of the Water Element.  It brings new beginnings, and changes of growth and maturity.  These changes will often be linked to your Childhood.  Innerchild growth, detachment of Childhood trauma as examples.
G:  Keeper of Dreams, Initiation to divination
A:  The Lizard too can be an initiate to the Dragon Realm.  Not always complete initiation into this world but you may be alotted glimpses of their secret magic.  He is the guardian of dream and brings with him the power of intuitive thought and divination.
G:  Wisdom, healing, transformations, initiation.
A:  Do not fear the snake.  It brings you much healing and wisdom.  The power of camouflage is often a quality given as well.  He can be an initiate for the Breath of the Dragon.
G:  Properity, luck, abundance
A:  Careful not to harm a toad in your lawn.... He is of the Earth and comes in from the North to bring you abundance of wealth and good fortune. Pay close attention to the Toad.  He carries the Spirit and Energies of the Earth. 
G: Longevity, stability, Calm
A:  The Tortoise brings you ancient secrets of longevity and survival.  In his slowness he brings you patience and the calm of spirit.  He also alerts you to the digging process and unearthing required presently to discover the messages and wisdom that lies ahead.  He comes to us from the North, of Sweet Mother Earth.
G: Divine Aligner of Heaven and Earth Spirit
A:  The Turtle comes up from the South, of the water.  His covershell represents the Heavens and his undershell represents the Earth.  If the turtle comes to you today a meeting of the Spirits of the Earth and the Spirits of the Heavens meets within. A divine alignment of your Sun Star and Earth Star, Spiritual awakenings are near for you.
G:  Transformation and rebirth
A: Arriving from the West the Salamander brings us growth.  A burning away of the old and coming in of the new.  A Shamans death of rebirth comes with the Salamander.