This meditation does not require the relaxation intro.  It is included on this page.  Take a journey to your Sacred Garden where your Animal Spirits can walk with you and touch you with their medicine.  Call down healing into your Sacred Garden from the Creator and receive the warmth from Grandfather Sun.

Suggested music... Drumming, Native American Flute or chants, Nature Sounds.  We carry a large selection great for this type of meditation in our online store.   One of our Favorties is Dave and Steve Gordons, Garden of Serenity for this Meditation.  Enjoy your journey to the Sacred Garden.  Embrace your animals, receive their medicine, fly with the Eagle, ride free with the Stallion or allow the Wolf to be your Spirit Guide on your journey.  If a path appears to you, take it.  If water is near by, cleanse and let the water penetrate your soul and purify your spirit.  When your journey is complete visit our Animal Directory for interpretation of why this spirit animal walks with you today.  Wado (thank you) Spirits for your guidance.  Tobacco, Grain and Water is our offering of gratitude for your power, vision and strength.
Open your mind, senses and heart to the divine world of perfect love. (pause)

Surround yourself with dancing candlelight and the colors of the rainbow as we begin this Sacred journey. (pause)

close your eyes and begin slow rhythmic breathing.  Inhale, inhaling everything that is positive.  Exhale and release all of the negativity and tension in your body. (pause)

Begin to allow your body to relax. (pause)

Inhale, imagining every sparkling color of the rainbow.  Exhale, releasing your tension from the day.  Relaxing every portion of your body. (pause)

Focus on the sound and feel of your breathing as you completely and totally relax.  (pause)

Listen carefully to the sound of your breathing as other sounds begin to fade and sound distant. (pause)

Let your tensions begin to melt and release, flowing down through your body.  As you release the tension it turns to liquid and you feel it drain, down through your legs and out the bottoms of your feet. (pause)

As you completely and totally relax. (pause)

Imagine a white crystaline light of energy, spinningabove your head.  Begin to pull this white light into the top of your head, drawing it down until your entire body is full of bright, white, crystaline light. (pause)

Begin to push the white light to the outside of your body until you are surrounded with light, just like a protective cocoon. (pause)

Imagine standing at a large golden door.  As you open the door you step into a hallway.  At the end of the hallway you see the bright white light. You are drawn to it.  Begin walking towards the white light. (pause)

As you reach the white light you step through it into a beautiful Sacred Garden, deep in the forest. (pause)

The sun is shining brightly and the sky is a wonderful blue filled with billowy clouds. (pause)

You raise your face to the heavens and receive the warmth of the sun.  Let me introduce you.  This is Grandfather Sun.  Allow his warmth and love to fill you.  Draw his strength and light into your Solor Plexis Chakra, just below your rib
cage. (pause)

Scan the scenery.  You should be surrounded by tall stately trees an beautiful flowers.  The freshness of lavendar calms you.  Between the trees the sunlight shines through, dancing and making patterns of light all about. (pause)

Walk to the center of your Sacred Garden.  Raise your hands to the heavens and call down the healing power and light of the Great Spirit. (pause)

Face the North in your Sacred Space and notice the wind begins to blow the leaves on the trees.   You feel a warm breeze brush your face and you hear the songs of the birds about you.  All is peacful and safe. (pause)
[take note of which direction does the wind comes from?]

You continue, deeper yet into the forest and you come to a clearing. (pause)
You hear a gentle rush of water from a stream near by. (pause)

Walk to the stream.  The water is clear and warm.  Enter the stream and allow the water to lap and wash over you.  You feel the water purify and penetrate your spirit. (pause)

Dry in the warmth of Grandfather Sun and clothe yourself in white. (pause)

Return to the center of your Garden and call to the Animal Spirits that walk with you today.  Embrace them, fly with them, receive their love and power.  Ask for guidance or any messages.  This is your time with your Animals (pause)

Go where your animals lead you, follow any path that presents itself to you.  Your Animals will be your guide for the remainder of this journey.  Before you leave them, give your offering of grain and water to the Animal Spirits and an offering of gratitude to the Great Spirit, Grandfather Sun, Mother Earth for her bounty and the Elements (earth, air, fire and water). (pause)

As I begin to count from 5 to 1 you will return to the physical world. Bringing back with you the healing and serenity of the Garden.  The power and guidance of the Spirits. (pause)

5, 4, 3, 2, 1....... Open your eyes.    Welcome back
This page was last updated: September 15, 2014