Antelope: Swiftness, speed, agility

Ape/Monkey: Protection, family, ingenuity

Ass/Donkey: Surefootedness, determination

Badger: Ferocity, courage, tenacity, boldness

Bat: Transformation, primordial darkness, rebirth, initiation

Bear: healing, strength, stamina, introspection

Grissley: Bear Medicine
Black/Brown: strength and healing (physical)
Koala: Ability to climb over obstacles, value of slow movment, power of
yoga, advice giver.
Polar: Earths magnetic lines, introspection, solitude, swimmer through
emotional waters, strength in the face of adversity, communication
with Spirit, transformation, creature of dreams,shamans, mystics
and visionaries.

Beaver: Persistence, group harmony, productivity

Bison/Buffalo: Abundance, courage, determination

Bull: Strength, stubbornness, determination, power, fecundity

Cat: Independence, cleverness, mystery

Cheetah: Brotherhood, Elusiveness, focus, swiftness, self-esteem, sight, acceleration of time.

Cougar/Mountain Lion:  Silent power, self-confidence

Coyote: Cleverness, playfulness, family orientation

Cow: Fertility, contentment

Deer/Stag: Grace, fertility, regeneration, strength

Dog: Loyalty, protection, faithfulness

Elephant: Patience, royalty, power, ancient wisdom, removal of barriers, confidence.

Elk: Stamina, nobility, warrior spirit

Fox: Camouflage, cunning, quickness, shapeshifting, cleverness, persistence, gentleness.

Giraffe: Farsightedness, reaching goals, unreachable to others

Goat: Surefootedness, reaching new heights

Hippopotamus; Birth, Great Mother

Horse: Power, Freedom, grace

Jaguar: seeing roads within the chaos, understanding patterns of chaos, facilitating soul work, psychic sight, shapeshifter.
Black Jaquar: keeper of the circular time continuum, gatekeeper to the unknowable.

Leopard: Valor, elusiveness, hidden knowledge

Lion: Self-confidence, radiant power

Llama: Overcoming materialism, moving over hurdles, comforting others

Lynx: keenness of sight, Divination, psychic senses, keeper of secrets and mysteries, time and space movement.

Mole: Guardian of the lower regions, connection with the energies of the Earth, knowledge of herbs, roots, minerals, seeds, rivers and other hidden bounties of the earth.  Introspection and blindness to all but light and dark in the material world.

Moose: Balance, gentleness yet strength, majesty yet awkwardness

Mountain Lion / Puma: silent power, self-confidence, leadership without ego, balance of power, intention, strength, cunning.

Mouse: Discovery, attention to detail, invisibility, scrutiny

Ottor: Joy, playfulness, receptivity

Panther: Intuition, inner power

Pig/Boar, Sow: Courage, cunning

Porcupine: innocence, creating your own path, defense, allow others their path, non-interference

Prairie Dog: Community, affection, earth energies

Opossum: Strategy, stillness

Rabbit/hare: Fertility, intuition, quick thinking

Raccoon: Adaptation, creativity, dexterity

Ram/Sheep; Balance in precarious situations

Rat: Cunning, assertiveness, intelligence

Rhinoceros: Ancient Wisdom

Skunk: Self-respect, self-confidence, courage

Squirrel: Energy, intelligence, discovery

Tiger: Loyalty, power, Family, Enrgy and strength in adversity

Weasel:  Stealth, cunning

Wolf: Guide, Family, loyalty, strength