DRAGONS - Red eyes/Female     Green eyes/Male


White - Oldest, strongest/  Celtic

Green - Earth, ancient Wisdom / Medieval

Black - Jokester, teacher, recluse / Norse

Red - Fire, guardian / Norse

Pink - Love / Celtic

Cream - Magic / Celtic

Pearl - Warrior / Medieval

Aqua - Queen of the Water Dragons / Norse

Blue - Water / Norse

Deep Blue - King of the Water Dragons / Norse

Amethyst - Pure energy, magic / Celtic

Gold - sun / Celtic

Silver - Lightning / Celtic

Orange - Ice, magic / medieval

Brown - Warrior King / medieval

Grey - herbal medicine, guardian / Celtic

Jade and Gold - Magic / Chinese

Jade - Power of creation / Chinese

Lime green - gemstone, magic / medieval

Amber - protector of the forest / Celtic

`Green and Red (trim) - Earth, Fire breather / Medieval

CENTAUR:  Mystical masculine power

DRAGONS and Fae.... see below

GRIFFIN (half-lion/half-eagle): Connection between heaven and earth.

PEGASUS: Spiritual inspiration, grace, holiness

PHOENIX: Transformation, rebirth, new beginnings, look below in the fire and ashes to find the egg, the birth of the Universe.

SATYR (half-man/half-goat): Nature spirit, music, dancing, joy

SPHINX (half-human/half-lion): Initiation, Dark Mother

UNICORN: Love, gentleness, strength, purity  Helper of the Dragon.  Often an initiate to the Dragon.