G: Mystic, Ancient Wisdom, inner knowledge, hidden insights
A: Brings inner knowing, Ancient Secrets, Watcher/Protector
G:Guardian of the place before existence, sees past, present, future, carrier of souls from darkness into light, magic, mystery, intelligence.
A: The crow brings ancient secrets from the past, ethics, intelligence and vision for you.  He brings courage to move from the dark into the light.
G:Grace, Water Energy, Emotions, domestic harmony, helper of seers.
A: The duck brings you emotional balance, family harmony and grace.
If you are a seer or mystic the duck comes to you to assist at this time.
G:Strength, power, messages from Spirit, wisdom, vision, healing.
A: If the Eagle appears to you now, fly with the Eagle and know the feeling of freedom again.  you may be wearing your skin too tight.
The Eagle comes in from the East bringing messages from Spirit, balance, vision and healing.  It brings to you mental clarity and the ability to rise above the physical/material to see the Spiritual.  Spirit Power.
G:Stealth, keen sight, seeing the unseen, messenger of secrets and omens, comfort for the shadow dance of light and dark of self, moon magic, wisdom and female energies.
A: The Owl is the bringer of omens.  If the Owl come to you in the day it may bring with it the omen of death.  In vision if the Owl comes to you, it brings ancient wisdom and secrets, keen vision, wisdom, female energies and moon magic.  You may have a present need to be swift and silent.
G:Transformation, Sacred quests, journeys, community, happiness.
A: If the goose appears to you, it is there to assist in your souls journey along the sacred path.  It brings protection for family and community and mystical journeys.
G:Vision, strength, decision, messenger from Spirit,
A: If the Hawk appears to you, it carries a message from Spirit, vision and balance, strength and courage.  Make the decision that is pending. The Hawk has come to bring you decisiveness.

Red Tail HAWK - Life Force Energies - Regeneration - Transformation
A: Reconnect with Earth, this is your Life force. 
G:Dignity, self-reliance, patience, diversity, self-esteem, boundries
A: If the Heron appears to you today, diversify!  It brings you more self-reliance, self-esteem in order to reset boundries.  Regain your dignity!
G:Tireless Energy, joy, delight, hope, endurance, love
A: The hummingbird brings you lots of energy, endurance at this time.  It brings you much joy and timeless flight and healing.  There is hope on the horizon for you.
G:Beauty, immortality, sight into past, present and future.  Self-confidence, Sacred Protection.
A: The Peacock in all it's glory brings you beauty and self-confidence.  Clarvoyancy into past, present, future and sacred protection from Spirit.
G:Generosity, Self-sacrifice, buoyancy, prosperity
A: The Pelican puts you on notice it is time for the Sun Dance, the dance of self-sacrifice.  You must give something up for forward advancement. Something of self, inner self or material sacrifice to be prosperous.  Be generous,  you cannot receive until you have given.
G:Messenger from the Spirit Realm, Ancient Mysteries, Shapeshifting
A: The Raven brings messages from the Spirit of inner growth and Ancient Wisdom.  Mysteries of the Universe and cycles of change.  The Protector of Spirituality.