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Wado for the honor in reading the oracles for you...and allowing me to ask for messages from Spirit for you as well.  You have requested a Mini Reading.

Let's begin by talking a bit about how I do your reading.  I will work with the 7 sacred directions and the Medicine Wheel.  I am certain Creator will direct us as we visit lessons or goals, present, past or future happenings. Often the answers that are given are not what you thought you were seeking.  I allow Spirit to extend what is felt to be important.  If information that you want is not disclosed, it is often because the choice is yours in the situation or the control over this part of your destiny is in your hands, not the cards.

The intent is always to empower yout to make changes in your life in order to change the course of the cards if your heart desires.  With a Mini Reading we are not able to cover things at length.  If you desire a more thorough reading, please feel free to request a full reading, embracing many more things.

I begin by praying to the directions in the Wheel to learn for you what cycle you are presently in.  The East being the Spirit Self and its expansion.  The South being New Beginnings or expansion in your emotional self.  The West being a place of comings and goings, losses and gains for your physical world and connections within it.  The North being your Mental self and a place for reflection in order to expand in wisdom and gratitude from the lessons you have currently walked through in this trip around the Wheel.  I will share with you where your energies reside on the wheel at this time and what that means for you.

The Wheel Represents all things.  The outside of the Medicine Wheel represents your Earth walk and your movement through these aspects of self and growth that we embrace as we continue to move around the wheel. 

Below is a brief explanation of the directions and what medicine lives in these directions.  I offer these in order to assist you in understanding the right way to relationships with all things and to empower yourself to live in the here and the now and remain connected to all things sacred as you address the messages sent by Creator, Spiritual Guides and the voices of light that will be shared in this reading.

South - The Natural Order of things, Emotions, Wolf being our guide, Coyote the bringer of lessons, innocence of the child, new beginnings and the place of the Grandmothers that have passed before us who assist from the other side.

West - Transformation, purification, Water, healing, Change, Medicine of the Bear and the place of physical losses and gains.

North - Place of Air, of Mental things, pattern of thought, of wisdom and gratitude, place of rest, of silence like after the first snow, the place of the Standing People (trees), Stone People (the rocks, grandfathers, record keepers of our life history), place of the Grandfathers that have passed before us and assist from the other side, The place of the Buffalo and the Moose.

East - Place of Fire, of Spiritual connection, of clarity, of acceptance and of answers, of our Brother the Eagle and the Hawk, bringer of messages from Spirit, Place of Spritual vision and expansion, of  Crow and Raven as our protectors and bringers of ancient wisdom and mystical messages of Spirit.

I strive to be as honest as possible about what energies I feel and what is revealed in the cards.  Sometimes the truth can be difficult to look at.  As always, I hope that truth will settle well on your heart and assist in personal growth. 

The guides are never wrong, however, my interpretation of the cards and voice of Spirit may not always be completely on target.  Many links of the messages sent will be yours to make.  I will only share what I am hearing from the other side for you.

I am now calling on all 7 directions for assistance.  Calling in this medicine for you as we form circle, form the wheel and prepare to ask for direction.

I spend a moment to light sage, cleanse the cards and the area as well as myself.  Please take a moment yourself, close your eyes before you proceed and open yourself to the healing energies and messages sent your way...

Let's begin. ...

Wheel...Channeled Messages

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