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This page was last updated: September 27, 2017
DISCONTINUTED OILS - certain fragrances are being discontinued, Wild Rose products are being discontinued, and Scents of Paradise is out of business so this brand is no longer available. 

SOP fragrances have been replaced by L & V brand.  Certain fragrances are not offered by L & V. If i can stock it with an Azure oil I will but some of their oils have also been discontinued.
1/2 oz sop  /  1/3oz roll on   / 2 dr. Azure
Scents of Paradise
WILD ROSE / 1/2 oz 
These are a popular fragrance oil, used in burners.  They do contain alcohol and are not made from pure essentials.
Reg. Price was $3.50
NOW 2 for 1$

Dragons Blood  - 6 in stock  (5 in stock)
Camomile  - 6 in stock  (5 in stock)
Frankincense - 6 in stock ( 5 in stock)
These fragrance oils are made from pure essentials, are already cut, body friendly and contain no alcohol.

ROLL ON fragrances - Reg Price was $6.99
NOW - 2 for $1.50

China Rain - 1 in stock  (1 in stock)
Pachouli Rose -   3 in stock (2 in stock)
Pachouli Lavendar -  2 in stock (3 in stock)

2 for 1  Sale / MIx n Max

AZURE GREEN - 2 DRAM bottles yellow label
These are called Natural oils.  They are more potent than SOP oils, but are still considered fragrance oils. They are also made from pure essentials and contain no alcohol.

Reg Price was $4.50   NOW - 2 for $1

Carnation - 5 in stock
Frankincense - 0 in stock [sold out]
Jasmine - 1 in stock
myrrh - 1 in stock
Vetivert - 0 in stock  [sold out]
Jupiter - 1 in stock
Magnolia - 1 in stock


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Thanks so much!!!  I hope you can take advantage of the sale.  More items will be posted as I go thru my stock.     Sandy Little Lizard
These fragrance oils are made from pure essentials, are already cut, body friendly and contain no alcohol.

Reg Price was $3.50 /  NOW - $1 EACH

Earth - 3 in stock
Water - 0 in stock [Sold out]
Fire - 3 in stock  [2 in stock]

Cedar - 5 in stock  [4 in stock]
Gardenia - 2 in stock 
Hyacinth - 5 in stock  [2 in stock]
Jasmine - 0 in stock [sold out]
Lilac - 0 in stock [sold out]
Lily of the Valley - 1 in stock
Lotus - 5 in stock   (2 in stock)
Myrrh - 6 in stock
Poison - 2 in stock [1 in stock]
Sex on the Beach - 6 in stock  [2 in stock]
Violet - 5 in stock [3 in stock]
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Sandy Little Lizard
4 bottles for $2
Wild rose oil  cammomile  2 bottle
SOP Cedar  1 bottle
SOP Roll on China Rain 1 bottle