YOUR SACRED HOOP (Medicine Wheel)


Your Medicine Wheel is an outer manifestation of an inner force.  The Hoop represents life, death, and rebirth.  It contains the four elements, Earth, Air, Fire and Water and the four directions, North, South, East and West.  When you enter your Sacred Hoop of you are stepping into a place of prayer and meditation.  The center of the wheel is sacred ground; a place of peace and light, where the Creator dwells.  The Medicine Wheel that you create becomes a point where you can pass between the physical and spiritual realms.  This is your circle of power and protection.  Within your circle a vortex of energy can build, encompassing you and connecting you and your higher self to the Great Spirit, the Divine Masters, and the Spirit realm for assistance with your quest.


The “right” and “wrong” wheel.  I cannot emphasize this enough, THERE IS NOT A RIGHT OR WRONG MEDICINE WHEEL.  Your medicine wheel is your sacred hoop.  It gives structure to the understanding and honoring of the cycles within us and contains your own personal medicine.  As you build your hoop your heart will sing of direction and ceremony of this creation.  Listen to your heart and own energies when creating your wheel.  If it is right for you it is good medicine.  If you have a question about what is best for you and your wheel as the Spirit for direction and vision while you create your circle.


Focus on each direction and element and what meaning each one manifests for you.  Listen to the messages and lessons that come in on the wind, with the animals, the energies as you contemplate each stone or twig that will create your wheel.





Decide the general location of where you will take your Vision Quest.  If you are on a guided quest the general area has most likely been chosen for you.


After the general location has been chosen you will need to find the exact location for your quest.

1)      Go to the area and take time to quiet your mind and relax.

2)      Turning slowly notice if there is one particular direction that pulls or speaks to you.

3)      Walk in this direction, slow and deliberate.  This does not require effort.  The more effort you use, the harder you “try” the harder this will be.  The Spirits will afford you the intuition and energies when you have arrived at the appropriate place for your quest.

4)      Pay close attention to shifts in energies and whether you are drawn one way or another.  This is a very casual process.




Once you are comfortable with your choice in a sacred space find the Center of your Wheel.


1)      Stand in the area you have chosen, close your eyes and notice the energies and feelings associated with this area.  Do you feel strong, comfortable where you are standing.

2)      Move a few feet away and see if you still feel these same energies.

3)      As you continue this process you will begin to form your circular area for the wheel.

4)      TIP:  When you can still yourself and find your center , this space within yourself it will become easier to find this sacred space outside yourself.





You can use stones (using the same process you have been using with energies, comfort etc…) but if your area does not have stones you can bring them from another place being careful never to take stones from a sacred site, or you can use twigs/sticks, your own medicine tools, rocks, gems, plants, what ever is available or feels strong and appropriate for each direction.


Choosing your stones: Each stone effects the energy of the circle.  Hold the stone and let it speak to you.  The Stone People and the Elemental Spirits will assist if you ask.  Trance walk to find stones, gathering from each direction around your wheel, finding stones from the water for the South, stones buried in the ground for the North(earth), etc… are a few examples.


Once you have your stones it is time to build your sacred space.

1)      The center represents the Creator, find it and declare your intention placing your first stone, item, etc… in this place.  Give an offering of tobacco, or grain, or sage and give a prayer of thanks.  (i.e.  May Father Sky and Mother Earth fill this place with energy and love as I create my sacred circle for my Quest.)

2)      Decide how large your circle needs to be and begin to place your stones beginning at the South. (i.e. prayers and animals for each direction are given on a separate sheet for examples)

3)      After placing your main stones for the elements and directions you can place as many stones around until it feels complete for you.

4)      Offer a prayer of thanks for this place, its bounty and availability for your Quest.

5)      Ask for assistance from the Living Spirit in the surrounding area and give thanks to it.

6)      Purify your Medicine wheel with burning sage, cedar, sweetgrass or tobacco in the center.

7)      Step out of the Wheel.





1)      Smudge yourself for purification and consecration prior to entering

2)      Take a moment and focus on your intent for your Quest.  Remember why you have come to this place.

3)      After focusing on this intent, pray to The Great Spirit, asking for blessing, vision, sincerity, humility and protection and The Spirit to surround and enter your circle.

4)      Call the Elements and ask them to surround and enter  your circle.

5)      Call the Angelic forces

6)      Call the four directions

7)      Call the Animal Spirits

8)      Call your Spirit Guides

9)      Call Grandmother Moon and Grandfather Sun

10)  Call in the Divine Masters

11)  Offer thanks “Wado Spirits”

12)  The Sun rises in the East and so a day begins, some believe you enter from the East.

Some believe this is the place of the Golden Gate, the place of the Elders and it is irreverent to enter through the East.

You will need to decide for yourself which direction you want to enter from.  Once again,  you heart will speak to you regarding this.


Once you enter you may feel the differences in the energies.  Be open to all signs that comes to you now.  Here in your Sacred Space you will dance, sing, chant, pray, meditate, sleep, ask for vision, have visions, have quiet, reflect, relive…. Enjoy your journey.