1)      What do I do on my Quest? (revisit your Quest theme for some ideas on this).  Sit, Stand, Lie down, Sleep, Meditate, Pray, Sing, Dance, Be still, observe nature, journal, personal inventory, forgive, relive, heal, love, access your Shamanic medicine……….

2)      What if it rains? (use your tarp)  Rain is just wet.

3)      What if I don’t get visions?  (do not set expectations for your Quest) Your shifts and balances and results from your Quest may not come apparent until much after the Quest.  Enjoy the silence….. If you have difficulty with this you may find that this is lesson enough.

4)      Do I fast on my Quest? (this is optional….. your health is our main concern. Do not put yourself in harms way by not bringing some form of nourishment. 

5)      Cell phones are for emergency only.  Turn them off and only use if you need assistance.

6)      Animals that show up can be a wonderful source of inspiration on your Quest.  Know your habitat and what animals are dangerous.  Most are not.  Don’t set up near snake habitat and do not provoke or startle animals that may approach.  Just observe and enjoy.  If they decide to snuggle, enjoy the experience.

7)      Bathroom privileges.  Leave your circle if you need to go to the bathroom. Remember to be environmentally prudent with your toilet paper.  Place in a plastic or paper bag to be burned or tossed at a later time.

8)      What about washing?  This may be an issue for 3-4 day stays for some.  Use your own discretion if you think it will distract from your Quest.

9)      Medication?  Under no circumstances should you stop taking your medicine on a Quest!!!!!

10)  Diabetic?  Take food, medicine, water, …. It is essential!

11)  What if I get scared?  This is one of the purposes of a Quest.  To face your fears and overcome them.  This is a perfect opportunity to tune into your Guardians for protection, relief of fears, calm your spirit.  Give them a chance to work with you.