The object behind grounding is to make your transition back to the physical world as gently as possible.  This will help you avoid the spacey feeling that can come after a meditation.  It will also help to remind you of what to bring back with you from your meditation.  Modify each grounding to fit your specific meditation.   We hope you enjoyed your journey.
As I count from 10 to 1 you will begin to return to the physical world.  Bringing back with you every positive energy and experience you had on your journey.  When I reach one you can open your eyes.

(examples of what  you may want to bring back with you would be a stone, flower, color, feeling, memory, aroma, etc... from your journey.)

10, 9, you will awake feeling refreshed and rejuvinated.
8, 7, bring back with you everything that's positive (insert items to return with here.)
6,5,  you are beginning to feel the weight of your body again.
4,3,  begin to move your hands and feet. feeling the earth underneath you.  When I reach one you will open your eyes.
2 and 1     open your eyes.

Welcome back.

You may want to stomp your feet to center yourself after your grounding.