This page was last updated: September 15, 2014
Recipe for the Season
Below is an herbal tea recipe that seems to work with what is going around in our area.
For myself I have suffered with severe allergies, sinus infection, cough, heavy mucus.

After several trys of different herb tea blends I found something that is finally offering relief.

With each season comes it's own flu or illness.  We call it, "what's going around".  I hope to keep a working recipe of herbal tea or combination of what has worked for our family on this page. 
Mark it as your favorite to check when the bug starts hitting your family.
In no way do we encourage this as a replacement for medical attention if you are ill.  Sometimes if we begin some healing as soon as symptoms appear we can nip more serious illness in the bud.  If you are ill, please seek medical attention.
combine the following for an herbal tea.

Respi-Heal Tea blend - 3 tblsps  [visit our online store to find our Respi-Heal blend of tea]
Nettles - 3 tblsps
Comfrey - 3 tblsps
Catnip - 1 tblsp
Mullein - 3 tblsps
Damiana - 1 tblsp
BarBerry - 1 tblsps
Marsh Mallow - 1 tblsps
Lemon Balm - 3 tblsp
Chamomile - 2 tblsp
Pau D'Arco - 3 tblsp

Using 1 quart of water, bring to boil and add the above herbs.  boil for one minute and steep.  This will make a strong tea.  I Drank at least two to three 8oz cups a day.  It really helped relieve my cough, the sinus headache and mucus and gunk in my throat.
Hope this helps.

I also drank lots of orange juice or Sunny D in combination with the above tea and finally began to move forward.

Combine the following for relief of diarrhea, vomiting, sick stomach
Meadow Sweet - 2 tblsps
Bar Berry - 1/2 tsp
Ginger - just a touch [very strong tasting herb]
Anise Star - one star of Anise
Brew a weak tea from this combination to offer relief of symptoms of flu

Swine Flu - Seek medical attention!!!
For herbal assistance with your physicians suggestions we now offer a Flu tea.  See our herbal tea pages.
If you desire to blend some herbs yourself you may want to combine some or all of the following.
Pau D'Arco - anti viral
Dandelion- Liver, dyspepsia, hepatitis, anemia, purifies blood
Lemon Balm- fever, colds, digestion, lungs, liver
Peppermint-stomach, bladder, intestines, anti bacterial, sore throat, sinus
Agrimony- phlegm, bronchial, kidney
Fever Few- fluidity of mucus, bronchial colds, fevers
Red Clover -use caution... this thins the blood - expectorant, lungs, immune system, blood purifier.
Meadow Sweet- diarrhea
Bar Berry- immune booster,
Ginger - nausea, vomiting, heart