Close your eyes and begin slow rhythmic breathing.
Inhale through you nose and exhale through your mouth.

Focus on the sound of your breathing  (pause)

Inhale, inhaling everything that is positive.  Exhale, exhaling  everything that is negative.  (pause)

Do approximately 10 to 20 slow breaths as described above until you are practiced at relaxation and breathing.

Continue to focus on your breathing.
you have no place you need to go, no place you have to be.
You are safe and comfortable. (pause)

Your tensions of the day begin to melt and flow like liquid, descending down your body.  Give the liquid a color and feel it drain down your body, down your legs and out the bottoms of your feet. (pause)

Any sounds you hear sound off in the distance as you begin to completely and totally relax.

You no longer need to carry the weight of your body.  (pause)
You let go of your bodies weight, sink and release. (pause)

You allow thoughts to enter into your mind.
And you let them float gently away as you completely and totally relax. (pause)

Imagine a white crystal ball of energy spinning above your head.
Begin pulling this white energy into the top of your head, into your body,  filling your chest and descending to your abdomen. (pause) Decending down your arms, and you feel the energy flow down into your legs and down to your feet. (pause)

Begin pushing this energy to the outside of your body until your entire body is encased with white crystal light.  Just like a protective blanket of energy. (pause)

You are now ready to begin your journey.

The following is an introduction to be used before each meditation to assist you in relaxation, breathing and visualization.  An introduction should always be used, pulling in the white light for protection.
This page was last updated: September 15, 2014