Learning Links
O'siyo Family!
( a Cherokee hello)
Tsilugi !
(a Cherokee welcome)
(information for questing and our guided quests)
Little Shoppe's Library
Our assorted document library of many beliefs and interests
Learning documents to download
Animal Guides   (intro)
Animal Guide Directory
(reference of animal meanings as our guides)
Cool Links
Healing meditations to try. This page is always growing.
heal your inner child, meet the Fae, identify your Power Animals
What is New Age?
Our definition of the New Age Movement
Calendar of the Cherokee Moons and Celebrations
Cherokee and other celebrations of the Moons
What Tree did you fall from?
Associated Trees with your birth month
Full Moon Drum
Our Drum Circle is held every Full Moon.  Join us in Drum and Prayer
7:00/ 7:30pm.

This page was last updated: September 15, 2014