About  The Little Shoppe of Auras:

The Little Shoppe has had a retail front since 1999.  We started servicing our community in our home.  The Little Shoppe of Auras established a store front and created our name in 1999.

All things have come full circle for us, as things do in life and we are now servicing a much larger spiritual family.  We have decided we can better serve you with teachings, services, product and ceremony in our home again.

Our shelves are stocked with herbal remedies in teas and balms, incense, candles, bath salts, natural soaps, oils, crystals, gemstones, jewelry, herbs, chimes, dreamcatchers, drums, flutes, ritual items, books, and more......  We try to keep something to enhance all spiritual faiths.

While you're there you may decide to take advantage of one of the services we provide and schedule an appointment with Sandy Little Lizard.  Possibly a Chakra Cleanse to heal the body, mind and spirit, or a Spiritual Reading.  You may decide to take a meditative journey to a past life or to a Sacred Space deep in the forest. 

All the services are offered by appointment.

Where ever the healing atmosphere takes you,  we hope you enjoy your trip to our Sacred Space, We call The Little Shoppe of Auras.
We would like to wish you all peace, blessings and pleasant journeys.

May Creator embrace you with his light and may healing  and understanding find you.
A Little bit about us and my heritage:

"The Little Shoppe of Auras" is a family owned and family operated business.  With the Spirit's guidance and a pretty strong nudge we opened and began this journey,  December 4th, 1999.  In honor of my late Father we dedicated "The Little Shoppe" to his memory and the memory of my Great Great Grandmother Josephine.  My family has been proudly blessed with this Cherokee heritage as well as a Choctaw Grandfather on my Mothers side.  It saddens me that this proud heritage was found shameful for so many years and details  remained hidden or buried with some of my relation.  Today I stand proud in the songs of my people and am grateful Creator has blessed me as I find my return to this way.

Our journeys and paths are unique but we move forward in the same purpose.  To share peace, blessings, healing, love and learning.  To broaden horizons through sincere and honest sharing.  Our desire is to journey with all those who share this common bond, as a Rainbow of People in this Earth Walk.

Sandy LittleLizard
Our Vision:

It is our intent and sincere desire of the heart to provide a place to receive healing, peace, love, harmony and direction. 

To promote mutual respect for positive beliefs and purpose.

To promote understanding, fellowship and healing among all relations.

To promote acceptance of all nationalities, philosophies, religions and ideals.

To promote serenity, knowledge, open-mindedness and spirituality.

To promote personal growth and a new freedom. 

To promote love for all things and a love for truth.

To promote a oneness of mind, Spirit and Nature.

To provide the availability of sacred tools needed for healing, ceremony and ritual.

To provide what is needed for all relation to reach for the heavens and journey to the stars.

We hold all things Sacred and it is our vision to be active in the healing of the Sacred Hoop with you, our relations.

We may fall short of this vision at times but our hearts continue to strive for progress in this Earth Walk and hope that you will choose to take this journey with us. 

Sandy LittleLizard
A note of special thanks to those sharing the Red Road and to those who have gone before us, and continue to share their love and support.  We continue to be blessed by your helpful hands and spirits.  Aho! All my relations!

donadagohvi  (until we see each other again)
Thank you for honoring our Sacred Space.
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You are listening to Amazing Grace in Cherokee.

St. Louis Psychic History Trivia #3: In the early 1980s, "Common Grounds" & Doug Zeigler, produced the first metaphysical newsletter for the St. Louis area psychic community. This groundbreaking psychic newsletter was both spiritual and informational featuring St. Louis area psychics and upcoming psychic events in the St. Louis Area. Common Ground’s publication was eventually taken over by Michael Mathews who changed the name to "Inner Worlds" for 7 or 8 more years. When Inner Worlds stopped printing, Vito Ponticello stepped in to fill the gap with a new publication he called "Illimunations". Vito was able to build the success of Illuminations until he turned this small psychic publication into the very successful and widely read newspaper known today as “The Pathfinder”.Copyright ©2007 by Bill Weber & Cynthia Becker

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Bethalto, IL  62010

Cell - 618 251 9646
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604 Valley View Drive
Bethalto, IL  62010

Follow Hwy 140 East -

Left on South Prairie Rd.
at the lights.
Follow thru stop sign and turn left onto W. Corbin.
Few Blocks turn right on Albers.
next left onto Oakridge.
Yellow house on the left on the curve... you have arrived.