( insert the INTRO of choice here before you begin this meditation.)

You are standing before your front door.
Imagine it's color.  Glance down at the handle of the door. (pause)

Open the door and step into a long corridor.
You notice the walls of the corridor are a translucent marble.
At the end of the corridor is a bright white light. (pause)

As I count from 1 to 5 walk down the corridor towards the white light.
one, two,     you are walking towards the white light.  When I reach 5 you will step through the white light onto a sandy beach.   three, four,   you are closer to the white light and you can hear the rushing sound of waves breaking on the shore....... five.  Step through the white light out onto the sandy beach. (pause)

You can feel the warm sand under your feet.  Take a moment and enjoy the calm of the tide flowing across the shore.
Listen to the sound of the waves breaking and the sound of the gulls. (pause)

Looking down the beach you see a small child walking towards you. .... You wait patiently for the child's approach.

As the child moves near, you see that this small person is actually you as a child. (pause)

The child recognizes you, waves and begins to run to your arms. (pause)

Your heart swells with love for this small child.  You feel you have missed this child. (pause)

You run to embrace this innocent little girl / boy. (pause)

Holding your child you look into your child's eyes and speak her / his name.  (pause)

Tell your child how very special she / he is and how much you love them. (pause)

You now have the opportunity to reassure your child that she / he will never have to feel alone or afraid. (pause long enough to speak to your child)

Tell your child how she / he can trust you with their deepest secrets and apologize to your child for not being here before now. (pause long enough to speak to your child)

Apologize for not having control over some of the events in her / his childhood. (pause)

Comfort your child and give her all of the warmth and nurturing that she has missed. (pause)

The energy between you is building.  Within your heart you feel the energy swell and it begins to emerge from you.  The energy surrounds you both and forms a large bubble of energized light around you as you reunite your unconditional love. ( lengthy pause)

It is now time to say good-bye to your child.  Know that you can return here to comfort your child's fears and return to nurture and care for your inner child.  (pause)

As you say good-bye your child leaves happy and smiling.  Waving as she turns to leave you. (pause long enough to watch your child walk down the shore and disappear)

Make your way back along the beach to the corridor to where your journey began.


We suggest the Music you choose for this meditation  include nature sounds of Ocean Waves and sounds of birds. Have a pleasant Journey.
This page was last updated: September 15, 2014