In a different time, everything lived in the circle of friendship.  As the story goes, humanbeings would take the life of an animal being, but he or she had to ask the animal spirit for permission and give thanks.  Permission was given as long as the hunter and his family were hungry and needed the skin for warmth.  However, the human beings began to kill with out permission and even when their bellies were full.
It was time for the animals to call a council.  The bears and the deer knew that they would share themselves, but they wanted the humans to ask.  If this was not done, then the deer spirit would cause the humans to have rheumatism.  While the deer was good meat to eat, it was also one of the sacred animals.  The bear spirit would cause the hunter to have a crippled walk and arthritis to stop the humans from killing so many of the animals.

As the story goes, the snakes made the humans dream of things to lose their appetite.  The frogs brought sores to the humans feet.  Many diseases were devised to teach the humans to respect their brothers and sisters.

The Plants met in council because they felt sorry for the human beings who would not pray and respect all of Nature.  From that time on, every plant and even the moss found a way to help teach humans how to heal from the illnesses and diseases.  Creator looking down thanked the plants and forgave all of the animals.  He decided that humans should learn respect for all things, but asked if the plants wuld be helpers whenever the humans would ask.

The Elder said, "This was told by the Ancient Ones.   If you don't believe me, try not eating plants and see what happens."

The female human was chosen as the teacher to pass the Medicine along to generation after generation to prevent disease and illness by using the plant helpers.
Our Plant Helpers