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The Services Sandy offers

Spiritual Readings with the Medicine Wheel and/or Oracle and Tarot - $65

Also available are email readings and phone readings.

To schedule a reading please call or text  618 251 9646 

To purchase an email reading go HERE

READINGS: Sandy uses Native Tradition and Healing, the Seven Sacred Directions in the Medicine Wheel and may utilize the Oracles, and/or Tarot for your Readings. She uses etheric energy, divination and channeling and for your spiritual sessions.  All sessions are designed to promote emotional, spiritual, physical and mental healing as well as personal discovery and growth.  Your readings will take you on a journey of past, present and future and sometimes as a Medium she will be able to communicate with a loved one on the other side for you.

To schedule an appointment with Sandy email her at   or call/text  618 251 9646
Wado! for the honor to serve you!

This page was last updated: October 16, 2023