Siyo Relation,

I am happy that you are contemplating a Spiritual Reading.  It is amazing that healing can be moved with Spirit through this way.
Creator, Earth Mother, the Medicine of the Four directions, and the Grandfathers and Grandmothers will be called upon to assist us in this journey inward together.

During a reading sometimes loved ones from the other side will even decide to come and spend some time with us.

The methods I use to bring you messages from Spirit are channeling, use of the Medicine wheel, The Sacred Path Oracles, White Eagle Medicine Oracles, and/or the Enchanted Tarot with your guides as well as mine.  

I hope this proves to be an enlightening experience for us both, as well as bringing direction to you for personal growth.

May Creator embrace us both as we ask for direction and guidance from our Spirit Relations. Aho!

Wado for the honor to serve you.

Sandy LittleLizard
You will receive a confirmation and expected time frame for your reading from me in an email.

All things happen in Creators time so your reading may not arrive immediately.  Doing a reading for you is very important to me.  Because of it's importance, I wait until I can have quiet moments with the Medicine Wheel and your cards to channel your messages.

Note: You can schedule a messenger video reading or a phone reading by texting me at 618 251 9646.

  Phone/messenger video Readings are $65.

Payment method is pay through messenger, Credit/Debit card, or Venmo.
Readings with Sandy Little Lizard
FULL READING - Purchase a Medicine Wheel and Tarot Card Email Reading $65.00

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A Tipi Spread - 8 Card Spread.  1 Card Represents the Past or lesson just completed, 1 Card The Present or lesson currently learning, 1 Card The Future dependant on our living at present.  This creates the base of the Tipi.  
4th card represents the Lodgepole, the structure needed to sustain your present path.  5th Card Represents the Medicine that assists you.  6th Card represents the smoke flap of your Tipi,  symbolizing the needs and prayers being met. 7th Card is the Loose Tie Rope on your Tipi, this represents your current challenge in the situation.  The 8th card is the streamers at the top of the Lodgepole, representing the victory gained by the successful completion of the situation.  
This reading is good for addressing one specific question your heart holds.

Purchase Tipi Spread Email Reading - $30.00
NOTE:  The shopping cart will charge a shipping fee due to my PayPal limitations.  This will be refunded to you when I receive your payment.  We apologize for any inconvenience.  Thank you... enjoy your reading.
See an Example of this reading
See an Example of this reading
I have recently had to raise the price of my readings. I try to keep them affordable for you. Unfortunately the time has come to finally raise the price after twenty years. thanks for your understanding.  They are now $65 for a reading.
The good news is that I still share alot so they arent any shorter.  In fact, they may be longer.. lol 
[1 to 2 hours   Creators Time.  Your readings are not timed.]